A safe journey on safe roads

The road and rail network is by far the most important transport artery in the world. Infrastructure projects - not only in Germany, but worldwide - are particularly important for transport, trade in raw materials and the exchange of goods. Intact transport routes help to ensure that trade can take place and that the infrastructure network functions optimally.

Below you will find a selection of projects that have been realised with the Underbold POD30.

You can find more information on the project images shown in the DIAS-SHOW (at the bottom)

Sample area in Manama desert - Bahrain

Country roads,
connecting roads
near Aba (Abia State) - Nigeria

Bus lane in Tabriz - Iran

City streets
in Kragujevac - Serbia

Farm road construction
in Kula - Serbia

Road rehabilitation
in Oman/Al Ansab

Construction of a road in the desert sand - Oman

Local road
near Barnaul-Russia

Road rehabilitation
Pomerode - Brazil

Installation area
for a wind turbine
St. Alban - Germany

Road rehabilitation in Brazil, state of St. Catarina

Road rehabilitation in Krasnoye in the Lipetsk district - Russia

Rehabilitation of a ring road near Sosopol near Burgas

Renovation of access road to residential area in Latvia

Reconstruction of an industrial road in Ukraine

City street
in Teofipol - Ukraine

Test area TÜV Nuremberg

Landfill access road
Timbo - Brazil

Ring road in a residential area in Orenburg/Russia

Country road from Kurishkina to Larichikha
Siberia - Russia

Buchanan - Liberia
Village/country road
Sample and demonstration route

Slide show of the projects