Welcome to the
German-GreenTec Ecologic GmbH

Innovative road construction starts now at the latest.
GGT ECOLOGIC offers its customers a technology that enables customised solutions.
Compared to conventional road construction, significant costs and valuable time are saved.
This ground-breaking progress is made possible by a new innovative but above all sophisticated technology.

We are a company that specialises in an environmentally friendly and CO2-saving method
for road and path construction.

Our innovative solution with the additive "UNDERBOLD-POD30" helps to
reduce the environmental impact and create sustainable infrastructures.

We - German-GreenTec Ecologic GmbH - produce the product exclusively ourselves and offer product + expertise acquired over many years of testing and use via our specially trained sales partners worldwide.

***************************************************************************************************************!!!ATTENTION!!! Important note

We expressly distance ourselves from all suppliers who offer either the same or a similar product with the same or a similar name. For all offers that do not come from us, please ensure originality, which can be proven by extensive expertises, test results, sample objects and construction projects.

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GGT offers ...

... Environmentally friendly additive

... significant
   CO2 reduction

... Counselling/support
    in theory and practice

Our additive
can be used in almost all regions of the world and, thanks to its strictly controlled ingredients and rapid processing, helps to conserve natural resources.

Through the use of
UNDERBOLD-POD30 and the special technology used, we are making a significant contribution to reducing
CO2 emissions.

We offer expert advice and training for our sales partners and end customers so that they can fulfil the ecological requirements independently in practice and at the same time create efficient and durable infrastructures.