Higher compressive strength than with a conventional road construction method!

The incorporated wax emulsion has a bonding effect in the soil and is water-repellent.
Another positive property of UNDERBOLD-POD30 is its resistance to frost and heat (after processing), which guarantees a high durability of the structure. The incorporation of UNDERBOLD-POD30 into the ground is supervised by our specialised personnel (on request). This considerably increases the bonding capacity of the materials in the ground - in particular the soil/binding agent connection - and creates a stable structure.

Best effect

Thanks to the properties of UNDERBOLD-POD30 in combination with a binding agent, the structure is protected against aggressive external influences after processing.

Best connection

Another outstanding effect of UNDERBOLD-POD30 is its hydrophobic effect in the processed soil. The compacted soil dries out completely, preventing the threat of future water ingress into the building structure. The processed cube is frost-proof.

Best compressive strength

Measurements by various German institutes clearly show that an enormously high compressive strength is achieved, which not only withstands high driving loads, but also sustainably prevents rutting in the pavement.

                                           ... IS TÜV TESTED


A test report from TÜV Rheinland is available and confirms an innovative and outstanding test result. Further extensive research contracts with state institutions and renowned universities have already been awarded.

The original tested UNDERBOLD-POD30 is only available from us!