As the greenhouse effect has now been sufficiently proven by scientific studies, politicians and industry have been trying to counteract climate change for several years. Internationally, almost all countries in the world agree that CO2 emissions must be massively reduced worldwide. This is the only way to limit global warming to a manageable maximum of two degrees Celsius.
Products and applications for the manufacture of infrastructure, which also affect us in road and path construction, account for a large proportion of CO2 emissions worldwide.

In order to show our interested parties, sales partners and end customers how we are also affected by this problem and are endeavouring to take suitable measures to reduce CO2 in our construction methods, we are providing you with our CO2 calculation option below

CO2 - Calculation


The findings/results shown here were obtained in research and calculations carried out specifically to determine a meaningful CO2 footprint. During the extensive research into the CO2 "production" of various machine-related services in conventional road construction and using UNDERBOLD-POD30 technology, as well as the CO2 "production" required for the production of aggregates in both systems (binder-cement + UNDERBOLD-POD30), expert facts and figures provided by recognised experienced construction specialists, machine manufacturers and building material producers were used.


CO 2 Calculation Xls
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You can use the two Excel files (left) to create your own,
for the project you are planning or have already realised,
CO2 emissions for the project you are planning or have already carried out.

- Download the file (Excel spreadsheet) and
with your individual project data -
This is always in comparison to the possible application of our
UNDERBOLD POD30 technology.


If you have any questions about the calculations, please feel free to contact us at any time; we will respond promptly.